Why Is My AC Leaking Water Inside?

Are you wondering why your AC is leaking water inside? We’ve got the answers for you.

There could be a few reasons for this issue, such as:

  • A clogged condensate drain line

  • A dirty air filter

  • Low refrigerant levels

  • A damaged or disconnected drain pan

  • Improper installation of the AC

In this article, we will explore these potential causes and provide solutions to help you fix the problem.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line


If you’re experiencing water leakage inside your AC unit, it may be due to a clogged condensate drain line. This drain line is responsible for removing the condensation that forms during the cooling process.

Over time, debris such as dust, dirt, and algae can accumulate in the drain line, causing it to become clogged. When this happens, the water has nowhere to go and ends up leaking inside your AC unit.

To fix this issue, you can try clearing the clog yourself by using a drain flush or a pipe cleaner. However, it’s best to contact a professional HVAC technician who can safely and effectively clean the drain line and prevent further leaks.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the drain line can help prevent future clogs and water leakage.

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Regular maintenance and cleaning of the drain line can help prevent future clogs and water leakage.

 Dirty Air Filter

To continue addressing the issue of water leakage inside your AC unit, another potential cause could be a dirty air filter.

Your air conditioner’s filter plays a crucial role in maintaining the air quality and efficiency of your unit. When the filter becomes dirty and clogged with dust, dirt, and debris, it restricts the airflow, causing the evaporator coil to freeze up.

As a result, when the ice melts, it can overflow the drain pan and cause water to leak inside your AC unit.

Regularly cleaning or replacing your air filter is essential to prevent this problem. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter maintenance to ensure optimal performance and prevent water leakage. if you are not sure if the ac air filter is the cause

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 Low Refrigerant Levels

When refrigerant levels are low in your AC unit, it can contribute to water leakage inside. Refrigerant is a substance that absorbs heat from the air and helps cool it down. However, if the refrigerant levels are low, it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up. When this happens, the ice on the coil melts and turns into water, which then drips into the indoor unit and can leak out.

Low refrigerant levels can occur due to leaks in the system or improper installation. If you notice water leaking from your AC unit, it’s important to have a professional technician inspect it and determine if low refrigerant levels are the cause. They can then repair any leaks and replenish the refrigerant to prevent further leaks and ensure optimal cooling performance.


Damaged or Disconnected Drain Pan

When refrigerant levels are low and the evaporator coil freezes up, another potential cause of water leakage inside your AC unit is a damaged or disconnected drain pan.

The drain pan is responsible for collecting and directing the condensation that forms on the evaporator coil. If the drain pan is damaged or disconnected, the water won’t be properly collected and can overflow into your AC unit. This can lead to water leakage and potential damage to your unit and surrounding areas.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to inspect the drain pan for any cracks, holes, or disconnections. If any damage is found, it’s important to repair or replace the drain pan to ensure proper drainage and prevent further water leakage inside your AC unit.

Improper AC Installation

One common reason for water leakage inside your AC unit is an improperly installed system. When an AC unit isn’t installed correctly, it can cause various issues, including water leakage.

Improper installation can lead to a misaligned or loose drain pipe, which can result in water dripping inside your home instead of being properly drained outside.

Additionally, if the AC unit isn’t level, it can cause the condensate drain pan to overflow, leading to water leakage.

Furthermore, insufficient insulation or sealing around the unit can cause condensation to form and accumulate, resulting in water leakage.

To avoid these problems, it’s crucial to hire a professional like Service Pros of America experienced technician to install your AC unit correctly, ensuring proper drainage and preventing water leakage inside your home.

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