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We’re Service Pros of America, the reliable, responsive, and professional HVAC repair experts in Hollywood, Florida. HVAC Free Estimate. Do any work with us and we will waive the diagnostic fee.

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Emergency AC Repair In Hollywood Florida


We’ll Fix Your HVAC  Today in Hollywood FL

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Get Same Day HVAC Repair and Save Up To 59.00!

Same Day Air Conditioning Repair in Hollywood

Are you looking for same day air conditioning repair in Hollywood, Florida? Service Pros of America is the go-to provider for all your needs. Our team of trained and licensed technicians are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction and same day repair services. Whether you need repair for your AC not cooling or AC leaking water, our experienced team will be there to help.

AC Not Cooling or Leaking Water?

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling properly or leaking water, don’t wait around for it to get worse. Our trained technicians have the experience and expertise to diagnose the problem quickly and make the repair in no time. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your AC is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Get an Estimate for HVAC Repair and Maintenance

At Service Pros of America, we understand that cost is a major factor when it comes to HVAC repair and maintenance. That’s why we offer free estimates with repair and 30 days warranty on all work done. Plus, you can save $59.00 off a diagnostic when you fix your AC with us. You can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money when you choose Service Pros of America. Schedule an appointment today and experience the Service Pros of America difference.

We offer a variety of services to meet your needs, including:

Central AC Repair

Heat Pump Repair

AC Freon Check

AC Water Leak 

AC Drain Diagnostic 

AC Installation Estimates 

Thermostat Repair

AC Fan Repair

* Exclude WI-FI Thermostat Diagnostic. Nitrogen leak testing. Commercial AC diagnostic please, choose and pay for commercial AC diagnosis.

Hollywood Florida

24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair


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So I had a problem with my breathing and I called air duct cleaning Miami out to my house in Pembroke pines. 



I needed services quick. They were extremely professional and kind. They did a great job. I highly recommend.

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Louise Blackstock


This is the best air duct cleaning company in Broward County They are professional, punctual and very clean I highly recommend them

#1 HVAC Company

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Same Day HVAC Service

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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30 Days Warranty

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Have a question?

Thank you for your interest in our HVAC services. We understand that you may have several questions about our services and we are here to help.


Appointment Rescheduling

If for any reason, a customer needs to reschedule their appointment, we require that they call us at least 45 minutes before the appointment time. This provides us with enough time to adjust our schedules and ensure that we can accommodate the customer’s needs.

Refund Policy

“At Service Pros of America, we understand that unexpected situations can arise, and our customers’ time is valuable. We strive to be flexible and accommodating when scheduling appointments, and we will work with our customers to reschedule appointments.

If for any reason, a customer needs to reschedule their appointment, we require that they call us at least 45 minutes before the appointment time. This provides us with enough time to adjust our schedules and ensure that we can accommodate the customer’s needs.

We understand that medical emergencies may occur, and in such cases, we allow our customers to reschedule their appointment without penalty. However, documentation showing proof of the medical emergency may be required.

Any other rescheduling must be made at least 45 minutes before the appointment time, or the customer will be charged the full amount for the service call. We take this policy seriously, and any breach of this policy may result in termination of our business relationship with the customer.

By using our services and scheduling an appointment, the customer agrees to this no refund policy and understands that any cancellations or rescheduling made within 45 minutes of the scheduled appointment will result in full payment for the service call. We appreciate our customers’ understanding and cooperation.”


“At Service Pros of America, we take pride in delivering high-quality service and reliable solutions to our customers. We provide accurate estimates of charges for parts, materials, and labor associated with the service provided. Once a customer agrees on the estimate, we proceed with the repair or maintenance services.

We require prompt payment at the time of service provided, or as per agreed payment terms. Payment can be made by cash, cashes check, credit card, or any other agreed-upon methods. Checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a fee that will be the responsibility of the customer.

In some cases, we may require a deposit or partial payment from the customer to begin the work, especially in complex diagnostic cases, where substantial parts or heavier equipment will be required.

Service Pros of America provides itemized invoices for all services rendered to customers, showing the detailed breakdown of each cost element. We encourage our customers to check the items and ensure they have received the best value for money.

Any failed or late payments beyond the agreed-upon payment terms will incur additional fees, including attorney fees and any other associated costs.

Service Pros of America reserves the right to retain title to any unpaid goods or parts associated with the service

In cases of failed payments, we reserve the right to take legal action to recover any unpaid dues. The customer will be responsible for any attorney fees or other subsequent expenses associated with such legal actions.

By agreeing to our services, the customer acknowledges and agrees to this payment policy. Any deviations from this policy must be discussed and agreed upon before repair or maintenance work commences. Service Pros of America strives to build lasting relationships with our customers through fair and transparent financial practices.”

Overall, this policy aims to ensure that Service Pros of America customers are fairly charged for the services provided, while maintaining a transparent approach to billing. The policy lays out clear guidelines for payment terms and consequences for failing to meet these terms.


How quickly can Service Pros of America provide same day HVAC repair?

We can provide same day HVAC repair within 24 hours of your request and when parts is available.

Hours of Operation

Operating Hours with scheduleed appointement only


M-F 8AM – 8PM

Sat- 10AM – 2PM, 24 HR Emergency service VIP Customers.


What is the typical cost for an HVAC repair service

The cost to repair an air conditioner in Hollywooed, Florida will depend on the type and complexity of the repair. Generally, minor repairs such as replacing a fan motor  can range from $99-$600. More complex repairs like replacing the compressor or condenser may cost between $400-$1,000 and hvac diagnostic can cost $59.00 to $99.00 with the free ac diagnostic option whenever any repair is approved and done by us.

However, it is best to get a quote from our professional air conditioning technician for an accurate estimate

24/7 Immediate AC Repair

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