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Service Pros of America Best Annual (AC) Maintenance Tune up Package In South Florida

Service Pros of America offers competitive AC maintenance packages for homes in South Florida starting at $299. Book online today and get your AC unit running at peak performance!

ONE TIME Annual AC Maintenance 

Experience the Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance and Enjoy a Comfortable Home!

At Service Pros of America, we offer comprehensive AC maintenance services that will keep your air conditioning system running at its best. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your AC will be running efficiently all year round. Our maintenance services include cleaning the condenser coils, checking the refrigerant levels, inspecting the electrical connections, and more.

*This service does not cover diagnostic services. All AC units must be functioning in order for you to purchase this service. Please note that each package has a designated amount of service hours. If these hours exceed the allotted amount, the customer will be charged for additional labor fees. Customers will be given the option to continue the service. To make the most out of the service labor, we recommend that customers help the technician to arrive at the job site quickly and without delays. The service time begins when the technician arrives and ends when they put all their tools back in the service truck.


$499/One Time Tune UP
  • 31 Point Comprehensive AC maintenance inspection
  • Total Service 2.5 Hr
  • AC Drain Cleaning
  • Minor AC Coil Cleaning
  • Check or Add up to 1 lb Freon R410A
  • AC Sanitizing & Deodorizing

Why do your need to Maintain your air conditioner in South Florida?

Your air conditioner is prone to malfunctioning in the counties of Broward and Miami-Dade without a yearly AC Tune Up. This annual AC maintenance service not only prevents costly repairs and cooling or heating failures, but also safeguards your home insurance policy from turning down claims if your AC unit caused the damage. Moreover, you can enjoy many other benefits as well, for example:

• Your AC system will run more efficiently and effectively.• Your energy bills will be lower as your unit will not have to work as hard.
• You will avoid expensive repairs and replacements.
• You will reduce the risk of health issues due to the unclean air.
• You will maximize the life of your AC unit.
• You will improve the air quality in your home.



24/7 AC Maintenance |

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24/7 AC Maintenance

Complete AC Maintenance for every Air Conditoner 

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The Only Complete 2023 AC Maintenance package in the Sunshine State

Enjoy lower electricl bills and reduce unwanted air conditioning breakdowns and ac water leaks. our new 2023 ac mainteance plan have everything you need to keep our ac working during the year. Don’t waite for your ac to break during this summer get your ac service now.


AC Leaking it's Covered


AC Not Cooling it's Covered


AC Freon top off it's Covered


AC Thermostat it's Covered


AC Coil Cleaning it's Covered


All Brand & Types it's Covered

AC Drain Cleaning Maintenance 

Stop air conditioning water leaks in your home or business with Service Pros of America annual ac maintenance tune up package.  Your AC drain will be flush and cleaned to help prevent any condensate blockages and water leaks. When the air conditioner drain is on properly maintain it can cause slime to build up inside the air handler condensate pan, which will cause ac air handler water leaks, mold and bacteria will to grow and contaminate the entire ac system.

Freon & Compressor Maintenance 

Service Pros of America Air conditioning maintenance plan will help reduce costly ac repairs during the summer. We will disassemble the condenser unit to check the ac compressor, electrical components and the Freon system for faults.

  • Include adding Freon up to 1lb
  • Inspect & test all electrical really
  • Inspect for ac leaks and check systm charge. 

Freon & AC Compressor Maintenance 

Service Pros of America Air conditioning maintenance plan will help reduce costly ac repairs during the summer. We will disassemble the condenser unit to check the ac compressor, electrical components and the Freon sysetm.

  • Test Compressor Amprage 
  • Inspect for Freon Leaks
  • Check AC System pressures 
  • Test AC relays for worn burnt contacts 
  • Check AC air handler and condernser unit. 

AC Coil Cleaning Maintenance 

Service Pros ac maintenance coil cleaning is included on all our service packages.  Our HVAC service technician will chemically clean your condenser ac coil to increase air flow and sub cooling efficency. Our ac coil cleaning maintenance can incresse your ac compressor efficency up to 75 percent, and lower your electrical bill by much as 1 to 75 percent. 

  • Included in our manteance package 
  • Acide wash Condenser ac coil
  • Adjust refrigrant charge
  • Clean debries blocking airflow 
  • increase ac lifespan
  • Lower electric bills

AC Deodorizer Service

 Our Central air conditioning deodorizer treatment service can help get rid of unwanted ac smells, mold, & allergy growth in the air handler evaporator. Our AC Power  up  deodorizer mix can also help to keep your ac coil clean and keep your ac air unit working more efficient.  

  • Included in our ac maintenance package
  • AC Coil Deodorizing
  • AC Coil Sanitizing
  • Special Power Up  Self – Cleaning AC Coil Cleaner will be applied to surface of the Evaporator coil.

Still Not Convense! Play our Real Live AC Maintenance Video

What Our Customers are Saying about our 2023 AC Maintenance



Google Review – Ms. Calvo

 I called Service Pros of America and they came out not even 20 minutes later on a Friday after 5:00 pm and resolved the problem right away. 



Google Review – Mr. lles

Service exceeded expectations and personnel were friendly and extremely helpful providing additional tips and advice.   



Yelp Review-Michael G

Punctual, professional, knowledgable and above all helpful.  I would use them them every time in the future.  

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