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Find out how we can help you to reduce In-home allergies by 70% or More.


Free Allergies and Asthma contaminants reducing AC inspection value $129.95


Free ac mold inspection will help determing the level of  mold contamination in your ac unit


Free ac duct inspection experience and know-how will help us determine if your air ducts needs a cleaning


Ask Questions to our qulifed technicians about how we can help lower your in-home allergies using HVAC devices and approve cleaning methods.

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Mold can be hidden in your air conditioner causing mold contamination of inside of the air handler parts, motors, electrical wiring, cabinet insulation and the ac coil (evaporator), with our free inspection hidden mold can be found.


Pet dander, Roches and Dead insects can also be causing huge contaminations which can feed mold growth even more, these contaminants can lead to allergies and Asthma flare ups in your home. Our ac cleaning inspection will be able to identify if these contaminate is present in your air conditioner, and if they are present our professional will give you a solution to get raid them.


Dirty air duct is perfect place for dust, mold, and dead insects to collect which can also cause a huge problem in your home’s indoor air quality. After years of ac unit operation ac duct will eventually become dirty and have to cleaned, with this free ac inspection you will be ask questions about how often did you clean? And we will check to see how dirty your ac ducts are by removing the vent to check if a cleaning is needed. However, it is good practice to get your air conditioning ducts clean every 3 to 5 years to ensure that it stays free from contaminations


Service Pros of America is license HVAC company in the State of Florida, our objective is to help you find and reduce the amount of contaminates in your home ac unit which lead to allergies and asthma flare ups. There is never no obligation from our customer to buy any of our recommend service. We are only here to help after all we may not be medical doctors but, we are air doctors. We know air.  We know filtration. We know ventilation.  

Amazing service. The service man was very professional and knowlegable. I would recommend this ac company to everyone I know. Do yourself a favor if you need ac work call the Service Pros of America. You will not regret it. Thank you so much.”

Nikki Flynn

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