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Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract

$41.00 / Month

(AC) Maintenance Service Contracts in South Florida, starting at just $41.00, with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Join today for a 20% discount on all HVAC services


SERVICE PROS OF AMERICA – Incredible Air Conditioning Service Plan Our yearly incredibly AC Service plan will include everything you that will ever need to keep your air conditioning system working as factory design. Clean or Replace AC Air Filters – to reduce energy and keep the system clean (Filters Not Included) Top off Freon – for more efficient cooling. ( includes up to 1lb R-140A) ONLY Clean Heater Assembly – to ensure proper operation Calibrate Thermostat – for accurate control Test capacitors – to ensure reliable operation compressor and motor operations Test crankcase heaters – to ensure proper compressor protection Clean outside condensing coils – to restore heat transfer efficiency and reduce cost ( customer must provide access to water within 25 feet to ac unit) Inspect & Test Controls & Safeties – to keep operating costs low and prevent failures. Adjust Fan Switch – to prevent wasted energy and excess sound levels from nuisance cycling. Adjust Balancing Registers – to improve comfort Check Air Flow – to ensure proper airflow across the ac-coil for proper humidity removal and increase utility expense. Tighten Electrical Connections – to ensure uninterrupted system operation. Measure & Record Voltage & Amperage – to identify baseline operating conditions. Lubricate All Moving Parts – to maintain efficiency and extend equipment life. In place Minor Evaporator Coil Cleaning – to restore heat transfer efficiency, reduce utility cost, and improve air quality. (does not cover coil removal for major cleaning) AC Drain Cleaning – up to one drain cleaning per year is included to prevent water leaks from blocked up drain Diagnostic Fee Waived – we will provide unlimited service calls a service value of $99.00 Extended Warranty – we extend the warranty on all repairs to 12 months for Incredible Energy Service Plan Owners Priority Service – we put you first when things get busy. Discount on Repairs – get a 15 % discount on all repairs. Part Replacement – we will replace up to one part per year if the part and labor cost below $199.00 Excluded Items: Major ac coil cleaning is not covered. ( major ac coil cleaning is any coil cleaning which will take more than one hour of labor time to complete the entire job) or any ac coil which has to removed from the air handler is deemed as a major coil cleaning. filters and belts is not covered Thermostat Batteries is not covered Fuses is not covered labor to R&R parts is not coved Parts cost more than $100 is not covered Thermostat Replacement is not covered Freon Line Repair is not covered Filter Dryer is not covered *If a ac leaks is found and customer refuse to have the ac leak fixed by us then we not put freon in the system. Only up to 1 LB Freon is included in the plan per year AC MUST BE IN GOOD OPERATING CONDITIONS AND WITHOUT FAULT BEFORE ORDERING THIS SERVICE PLAN.